Friday, 30 June 2017





every Friday the Year 8/7 go to Tamaki College for tech. The Year 7 at tech the year 7 students have arts and crafts. We use Chisels to craft our boards

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Room 8 maths


Today in room 8 we were learning about decimals/Fractions ms stone used a piece of cake that was 18 centimetres. Ms Stone first cut the cake into ten equal pieces. Then she cut one slice. Each slice was 1 tenth of the whole cake or 0.1. at the end of the lesson ms gave us all and equation so we can earn our cake.

Friday, 12 May 2017

How to look after a Husky

How to look after husky

How to look after a…

WALT use facts in our writing without plagiarising  

Chose an animal to investigate for this report. Have a look online and gather some information about the following categories. Once you have your information, write the report in your own words with an introduction (explaining what type of animal you have chosen) and a conclusion (relisting your main points). Keep the headings in bold where they are.

Introduction: What is this animal? How long does it usually live for?
The husky dog. Also known as Canis lupus familiaris. Huskies live up to 12-14 years.
The Siberian Husky is believed to have originated among the Chukchi, a tribe of Siberian nomads.
Siberian husky information Huskies (DOGS) eat dry and wet food.

Huskies eat wet and dry foods like
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Chicken
  • Fruits

What does it eat? Where do you get the food from? How often should it be fed?
  • Huskies eat wet and dry foods. You can get dog food from your local supermarket or at a pet shop (Animates)
           You have to feed your dog at least twice a day once in the morning and once at night.

Where should it live - in a cage, tank, indoors/outdoors? Does it need to be kept warm/ cold? How often does its cage need cleaning?
  • A husky should stay in a cage for a while and take it out for a walk. A husky should stay warm so it can function and have a lot of energy. You need to give a husky a shower once a day.

Exercise/ Entertainment
Does it need to be taken on walks/ toys to play with? Does it like hiding in tunnels?
  • A husky needs to go on a walk once a day because dogs have a lot of energy.
  • A husky can have a dog toy.

Do they need lots of grooming? Do they get sick a lot? Do they need potty training or bathing?
  • Huskies do need be groomed once a day so they don't shed in your house
  • Huskies get sick sometimes if they are allergic to things.
  • Huskies need potty training because they are big dogs

Does your pet like to live alone or with other animals? Does it get along with humans well? Does it get along with other animals?
  • A husky would like to have another dog in the house so they are not lonely
  • Huskies can get along with humans if they are trained properly and if they are not abused.

Conclusion - what are some main things to think about if you want to buy this pet. You might want to add in about vet bills here as well.
  • You need to be prepared before getting a dog or a husky

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The case of the missing shamrock


The Case of the Missing Shamrock

Main character(s)
Nina Chase & Max Decker
Other characters
Miss Flanagan, Maria, Megan, Patrick
Harbourville Middle School/Late afternoon
Her Shamrock plants are gone missing
Main Events
The teacher was growling maria
Someone hid the plant as a joke, Patrick told nina that he needed a present for his grandma.
Nina and Max suspected Maria to take the shamrock plant from mrs flanagan.

Monday, 10 April 2017

What our school has been learning about.

Our school Glenbrae School was learning about air pollution, water pollution and earth pollution this term. This week we have inquiry in the hall. All classes were assigned to learn about global warming.

Friday, 7 April 2017



Today mrs stone and the year 6 prepared some burritos for us. Mrs stone all gave us one burrito each and some of us had two. Inside the burrito was chicken, avocado, salsa, bake beans, cheese, coleslaw, cherry tomatoes and lettuce.